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Tile Carpet Serie

Choch & Spice Brown
Blue Saprire & Trism
Trism & Blackbean
Granite & Blackbean


Construction: Tufted Loop Pile
Machine: 1/10th Gauge
Fibre: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon
Primary Backing: 100 grms/square metre
Secondary Backing (Latex): 
750 grms/square metre
Bitumen plus non-woven fleece: 2500 grms/square metre
Pile Weight: 500 grms/square metre
Total Weight: 4,3000 grms/square metre
Pile Height: 3.5 mm
Stitch Rate: 43.50 stitches per 10cm
Stitch Density: 171260 tufts/square metre
Tile Size: 50cm x 50cm
Tiles per Box: 20 or 5 square metres


Flammability: BS 4790
Hot Metal Nut Test Low radius of char
Stroll Test: BS ISO 6356 Less than 2 KV
Dimensional Stability: Passes Aachen DIN 54318
Castor Wheel Test: Pass r = 2.8  BS EN 985
Static Loading: Not tested
Colour Fastness: BS EN ISO 105 6
(Scale bad 1 to good 8)
Fastness to Water: BS EN ISO 105 5
Fastness to Shampoo: BS 1006 4-5
Fastness to Rubbing (Wet): BS EN ISO 105 4-5
Fastness to Rubbing (Dry): BS EN ISO 105 4-5

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