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Experience and quality from

Great Britain.


Carpet knotting has been introduced into England through the enterprise of adventurous merchant seamen in the 16th century.

Experience since 1915

Many years of continuous work in this field allow us to ensure the highest standards of quality and design.

Highest standards

Carpet traditions and consumption habits in the UK have required us to adhere to the highest production standards.

About tile carpet


Kavrolex carpet tiles is that they allow you to mix and match products, colours and structures to suit any style of interior design.


Centuries of production experience allow us to ensure the quality of carpets at all stages of production and supply


Carefully selected carpet collections. Partners ensure short production time and competitive price.

Better Acoustic

Carpeting is most suitable when you need to ensure good indoor acoustics and comfort of use. Due to their unique properties, carpets reduce sound reflections and suppress noise.


Tile carpets can be used very widely in the environment. As it characterized by practicality, so is actively used in public spaces.

Easy to install

less cutting waste compared with fitted carpeting phased installation possible simple to store & transport.

Easy maintenance

Easy replacement of damaged parts without the need to replace the entire coating. No damage to the subfloor. No demolition or equalization costs dust-free & time-saving.

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